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Southeastern Fly

Feb 25, 2020

Podcast Host and Southeastern Fly Guide David Perry stops by Fly South in Nashville, TN to speak with Blake Parsons about bringing Trout Unlimited (TU) back to life in the Music City. David and Blake talk at length about the current state of TU, how the organization is working with TVA, the USACoE, TWRA, TWRF, and other government agencies to improve the health of Middle Tennessee fisheries.

Blake and David speak to the state of the Caney Fork tailwater and the work the Corps has undertaken to make repairs to Center Hill Dam as well as the measures that are being put in place to improve cold water storage.

Trout in the Classroom has been successful around Tennessee and TU is partnering with teachers as well as TWRA to bring trout to the children of Tennessee in hopes of teaching conservation. They also talk about habitats that can be positively affected with proper care.

Finally David introduces the Rivers of Mt. Rushmore in the Southeast and Blake runs through his top four bodies of water in the Southeast.

This is an interesting episode for the anglers of Middle Tennessee and around the Southeastern United States.