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Southeastern Fly

Jan 1, 2020

What do Rascal, a book by Sterling North, and Walter Babb have in common? Listen to this episode of Southeastern Fly. Tennessee fly fishing guide and podcast host David Perry spends an evening talking to his longtime friend and owner of Troutzone Anglers, David Knapp.

David Knapp talks about how he started casting in the front yard with a fly rod from Walmart and then how he graduated to the local streams. He talks of the book Rascal and how it shaped his love of fly fishing. David remembers his first guided trip with Walter Babb and how Walter instructed him on fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

David Perry and David Knapp talk at length about the time they spent in Colorado and the local waters around Tennessee. Finally David K talks about the other people who influenced his love of the sport. The guys talk about David Knapp's first musky on the fly. A funny story that is sure to entertain. 

We hope you enjoy this episode of Southeastern Fly - The Angler's Influence Podcast.