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Southeastern Fly

Sep 30, 2019

Host David Perry of Southeastern Fly gets together with Dan Sharley and they have a beer while talking about "people of the river". Both have some interesting outdoor moments and recount their own stories of people who manage to do a lot of things on the river. Some things are hard to believe.

Stories include; The Bushwacker, Gravel Bar Meemaw, Whiskey River, Over-Under 40 guy, and there are others that will amuse you while making you ponder the people, you may have seen while fly fishing your favorite waters in the Southeast and abroad.

So, sit down and have a beverage, mow the yard, or perhaps travel on a plane and listen while hurling through the air in a hollow metal tube. It's a good way to kill some time, heck tie some flies and enjoy the fun if that is more your style. It doesn't matter where you listen but it does matter that you do listen and enjoy your time with David and dan.