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Southeastern Fly

Jul 31, 2019

On this episode of Influence we stop by Cumberland Transit, in the heart of Nashville, for a discussion with former Middle, TN guide and all around good guy, Ronnie "Grumpy" Howard.

Grumpy talks about growing up and fishing with his grandparents. We have a discussion about how a bottle of Scotch shared with a guy in an Arkansas fly shop started his friendship with Jeff Hawthorne and how that friendship lasted for years. He talks about how Jeff taught him different ways of catching fish and set him up for more success on the river.

We talk in-depth about fishing the blue lines in East Tennessee. Grumpy shares stories as well as tactics that can help any angler who wants to fish small streams at high elevations.

Come on along and listen to what promises to be an entertaining and insightful discussion. Feel free to share this episode with friends.