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Southeastern Fly

Aug 28, 2019

On this podcast episode of Southeastern Fly, David loads the mobile studio and travels to Knoxville, TN to talk with Chota Outdoors, Mark Brown.

Mark talks about growing up North of Atlanta and fishing with his brother, who was a big influence in Mark's fly fishing and who taught him everything from casting to tying knots.

Mark brings a wealth of paddling knowledge to this episode and discusses some of the finer points of reading water. Mark and David talk at length about the subject and Mark reveals some resources he used to learn the water including two publications that would help angler's at any level of experience.

Finally Marks talks about hiking and fishing with his Dad and how his Dad taught him to move slower and experience more on any adventure outdoors. Mark and David wind down the conversation as Mark reveals his experience of seeing a mountain lion in East, TN.