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Southeastern Fly

Aug 1, 2022

Want to learn more about fishing midges? Wonder how to fly fish through the entire lifecycle of a chironomid? Want to learn more about special leaders and tippets when fishing a midge pattern? 

Take an adventure with Dave Stewart of the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and Phil Rowly the author of The Orvis Guide to Still Water...

Jul 4, 2022

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For someone who might be apprehensive and not know where to start, how does tyat person start tying flies? 

Which types of feathers should we use for soft hackles and how do we know which of those feathers work the best?

Considering all the tools on the market,...

Jun 6, 2022

Looking for useful information on fishing the Tellico River and surrounding areas? This episode is sure to give you a headstart on the rest of your fishing friends! Tellico Outfitters owner, Cody Fischer, delivers some of the most useful information on the entire Tellico area. This episode starts with a plethera of...

May 2, 2022

When chasing smallies on the fly it's always good to get a guide's perspective.

On this Wisdom From The Guides episode, Matt Reilly and David Knapp join Host David Perry for an in-depth discussion about smallmouth. 

These three guides answer questions about equipment, the best water types, they cover all four seasons of...

Apr 4, 2022

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Want to become a better angler? Teach someone else. On this episode David talks with Wanda Taylor about teaching people to fly fish. They provide useful tips on casting as they talk about helping kids, adults and seniors how to cast. This episode will give you a different perspective on...